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Re-investment case by improving the RoI either with (Revamping) or without (Repowering) the increase of the plant’s nominal performance, due to 

  1. underperformance caused by obsolete equipment, technical malfunctions attributable to worn-out equipment, withdrawing manufacturers leading to spare parts unavailability, warranty challenges and also 

  2. technological evolution, driven by more efficient new major equipment.


PHAETHON undertakes end-to-end

  • Evaluation and performance of a complete Feasibility Analysis by assessing the following dimensions:

    • Technical Feasibility & Regulatory aspects 

    Technical regulation, permits, FiT regulation and/or off-take agreements, environmental regulation, solution particularities 

    • Commercial viability

    Building a solid business case to assess project viability for decision making, including:

  1. Forecast of the future income streams by taking into account historical data, updated revenues through yield improvement, CAPEX including financing costs, plant downtime and production loss during repowering project, extended life span, potential changes in maintenance requirements, potential changes in land lease requirements and technical changes, along with 

  2. Risk assessment and sensibility terms of project risk (delay, excess cost), operation risk (safety), compatibility with existing processes of plant operation, as well as changes in component warranty.


  • Management of Repowering and/or Revamping Works

Wind Mills
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