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End-to-end supervision of the operation phase, verifying regulatory and contractual compliance for both the SPV and all third parties involved in the facility, such as the O&M Contractor, while producing performance reports of the RES Asset, ensuring its efficient operation, including by way of indication the following: 

Solar Panels Technician
Technical Reporting, including Performance Analysis

Extended periodic reporting beyond the traditional plant indicators, incorporating reporting on the actual activities through O&M Contractor’s CMMS, while providing intermediate operation report when a fault is generating a major loss (e.g. >1% unavailability or certain PR decrease within a certain time period) along with recommendations for potential extraordinary maintenance.

The performance analysis includes the option for having customizations based on client specific thresholds, while, in particular the agreed KPIs should be calculated and reported as per the respective contracts in place, in order to provide an accurate and useful calculation for evaluation and eventually liquidated damages or bonuses.

Generation forecasting services can be accommodated as service add-on.

Supervision of Contractor(s) (O&M, EPC and/or other ancillary services providers)

Management, oversight and control of EPC Contractor during construction or the first years of operation of a plant and/or the O&M Contractor during operational period, as well as of ancillary service providers (e.g. panel cleaning, vegetation control). Subject process spans from tendering for those services where necessary all the way to assessing the deliverables and reassuring compliance with contractual and loan requirements, as well as EHS policies.

Contract management & Regulatory Compliance

Interface with local energy authorities and project stakeholders, ensuring from the technical perspective that the operation (or the construction as applicable) of the plant is in compliance with 

1. The regulations and the approvals in place, including by way of indication

  • PPA, Interconnection Agreements 

  • Power Generation License Agreements 

  • Permits (Building, Environmental) 

  • Aggregator (e.g. informing the aggregator about plant production data, unavailable times, transferring network unavailability information from the grid operator, executing plant shutdown requests, assuming discussions with the grid operator)

2. The operational contracts in place, such as contracts related to EPC and/or O&M services, land lease, insurance, site security, utilities, as well as ancillary services such as panel cleaning and vegetation control. 

Insurance Claim and Warranty management

Managing insurance claims, undertaking


  • the coordination of the necessary site visits by the insurance provider’s representative and/ advisors in connection with the information collection and damage qualification 

  • the drafting of required technical notes to support the reimbursement procedure

  • the general coordination of the insurance claim, being the liaison with the insurers, brokers and loss adjusters, as well as suggesting proper insurance providers as well as claims under warranty, proceeding with the necessary arrangements with the respective suppliers and/or service providers, subject to the Owner’s consent.  

Site visits / inspections

Additional visits on site can be performed as required, with respect to non-intrusive inspections (e.g. aerial inspections, to assess O&M performance and/or asset health) and O&M improvement plan in general.

EHS supervision

Assessing the limitations of environmental legislation on the existing contracts of the service providers, including the O&M Contractor, overseeing their operational field work, addressing existing problems and minimize their impact, ensuring compliance with local Environmental regulation (e.g. use of chemicals to control vegetation, use of diesel cutting machines) and Health & Safety (H&S) requirements. Utilization of H&S Expert can be provided.

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