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Asset Management is defined per ISO 55000 as the coordinated activities of an organization to generate value from its assets. As far as the SPV of an energy facility is concerned, this is reflected to balancing costs, returns and risks by covering compliance with the technical, financial and administrative aspects of the energy facility during its lifecycle


Asset Management is a MUST


The role of a competent external Asset Management service provider with extensive business, regulatory, as well as technical experience has become a crucial element in the renewable energy landscape of today, pushed by

  1. the continuous reduction of the subsidies and the increasing exposure to merchant risk, representing a substantial shift in risk allocation toward the RES Asset Owners 

  2. the increasing capacity of utility scale RES Assets with heavy obligations and complex requirements during all project phases

  3. the need for timely utilization of the knowledge created by the operational phases already in the first phases of a project’s lifecycle, including but not limited to the construction phase (lifecycle project management)

  4. the fact that the traditional Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services are mostly limited to typical monitoring and standard technical works generally performed on-site

RES Asset Management goes far beyond O&M,
including but not limited to

Management of a stand-alone business (SPV) rather than a power plant, aiming at improved profitability and sustainable returns


Commercial and financial management of an energy investment, including comprehensive management reporting


Reassurance of compliance and contractual conformity, dealing with a variety of regulatory frameworks


Supervision and control of the O&M provider, focusing on value added activities and managing escalations


Relationship management with key project stakeholders and local authorities 


Standardization through digitalized and robust processes for tracking the Asset performance

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